In Memory of Georgia Little Shield

As you may know, this pantry was the work of Georgia Little Shield, who suddenly passed in March of 2012.  We do this work in her honor. This page is dedicated to her.

This is the obituary written by her family that gives a good idea of her life. The purple color is in honor of her work with domestic violence victims.:

Georgia Lynette Taylor was born in Rapid City December 10th, 1959 to Charles and Angeline Taylor. After growing up in Iron Lightening and Isabel she left to find work when she was 18. She worked in a computer chip factory in Rapid as well as in the oil fields and coal mines near   Gillette, Wyoming. Georgia married and adopted a baby girl named Crystal Lee and after living in Gillette for several years moved back to Isabel and completed her GED.

She then went on to college at Presentation in Eagle Butte and received a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and Social Work. She then moved to Canby, MN where she worked as a nurse. She then decided to move back to Isabel to try and help make the reservation better. She began her work at the Cheyenne River Housing Authorities Single Mothers Program that was stationed in Isabel at the Manor. There she helped many young women get on their feet and find their way in life. She was their mentor and friend. When they needed something that the program could not provide she helped them and many of them are still her friends today. When she finished her work here she then went on to be a Domestic Violence Counselor in Eagle Butte where she helped many families stop domestic violence and to see that it is not part of the Lakota culture. While employed here she took a stand against authority when she and her co-workers locked themselves in their office for several days because the Administrative Officer of the tribe wanted to view their confidential files. She and her 2 other co-workers ended up going to jail but they succeeded in keeping their clients identities safe from prying eyes and they were praised for their efforts. Unfortunately, the program eventually ran out of funding. After this, because of what she knew, she was asked by the South Dakota Coalition against Domestic Violence to start a program in McLaughlin. Pretty Bird Woman House was created and this was Georgia’s baby. She received her Masters from the University of California at Berkley while working here. She did for Standing Rock what she did on Cheyenne River in helping as many people as she could.

Over the years while helping the people in her programs she had taken in many foster children and helped them to realize that they do not need gangs or drugs and alcohol to be happy and enjoy life, and that education and helping others was the best way to better yourself. She volunteered to work with the Isabel Lakota Youth Group and was their mentor for many years.

Throughout her career she has made many friends in many places across the country because she went to many conferences and workshops for her job. This is the reason she was given the Lakota Name of Eagle Wings Woman, because she was “always flying somewhere”. She hung up her wings and decided it was time to retire back in 2010 and moved to the country with her current husband Norman Little Shield where they raised horses together. Here they helped to raise their grandchildren Isis and Talib Smith, and Krystal Brings Plenty. She was volunteering as President of the Isabel Okiciyap which created a food panty and started the Isabel Community Pow Wow in 2011. She was still helping everyone she could up to the time of her death.

She is survived by her mother Angeline Taylor; husband Norman Little Shield; daughter Crystal Lee Reeder-Taylor; grandchildren Isis, Talib and Onyx Smith, Krystal Brings Plenty; Brothers Jerry, Ted and Bradley Taylor; Sisters Cindy Taylor and Barbara Moncrief; and many other nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her father Charles H. Taylor and her brother Jim Anderson.

 Please donate in Georgia's name!

This was her most recent appeal for funds:

Please Please can every one that gets this post from me post it on your page as we are having a hard time raising money for the food pantry and youth program that we are trying to get started.

At this time we are a 501 c 3 and have been wanting to start a youth center for the Children and the food pantry for all that need our services. We paid $525.00 for deposit on the lights today, We sent two individuals out to get supplies to skirt and hook up swear and water pipes that were taken out from under the building. We needed two toilets that the tribe had taken out and door knobs that cost 125.00 for the steel doors. We asked for the one door to have a ramp so that we that have not got the ability to climb stairs would have access. I received a phone call from the guys that went out to get these parts that the total was $2400.00. With all the cost of moving and this we are about out of funds.
I am asking all family and friends for help as we are expecting a food truck on Feb. 21, 2012. We would also like to go and get food from the food bank in Pierre SD. I am hoping that you all will try your best and please to to the site and check it out.
Georgia Little Shield/Board Chair
Okiciyap the Isabel Community


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